Qualified Deal Flow

Fortify Your Deal Pipeline With Relevant, Actionable Opportunities


Gain Broad Market Coverage of Qualified Investment Opportunities

As the industry standard for bringing commercial property and notes to market, we’re able to connect buyers to the industry’s most extensive networks of qualified investment opportunities. With over 40% of all institutional commercial real estate listed on the RCM platform, you can be confident that you’re gaining broad market coverage of the industry’s deal landscape.

Spend Less Time Reviewing and More Time Pursuing

Precision deal sourcing is one of the main ingredients in achieving superior returns. RCM’s robust deal matching technology intelligently selects from thousands of confidential opportunities based on your unique investment parameters. Simply personalize your investment criteria and RCM’s deal matching system will automatically vet thousands of opportunities and funnel the most actionable deals straight to your inbox.

Effortlessly Navigate the Flood of Deal Information

Keeping pace with a steady stream of property emails can be an exercise in futility. Real Capital Markets’ Deal Center consolidates all your opportunities and corresponding documents into a single online dashboard. No more wasted hours spent rummaging through a cluttered inbox or manually tracking opportunities using Excel. Easy deal filtration and pipeline reports give you and your team real-time insight into every opportunity anytime, anywhere.

Start Receiving Deal Flow

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