What’s New in Release 2017.4

  • Transformed Administrative User Interface for Virtual Deal Room:
    • Modern, intuitive look and feel
    • More easily upload folders and maintain the file structure
        • No plugin or IT request needed
    • Updated toolbar to access frequently used functions
    • New “I Want To….” dropdown menu to quickly access commonly used features
    • New asynchronous upload allows users to upload folders to the VDR and work in other areas of the RCM platform simultaneously
      • Progress bar across the top of the page will track upload progress and alert user of any issues with the upload
  • Improved user experience throughout the RCM platform with updated technology that provides better functionality and increased speed
  • inSIGHT enhancements:
    • inSIGHT admins can search for investors or brokers in their user database
    • Grant different levels of access to broadcast queries for inSIGHT users
      • Brokers can perform auto queries
      • Admins can perform both auto and custom queries

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