What’s New in Release 2017.5

  • Add inline video to your HTML5 Executive Summary Landing Page to market your listing
    • 3 new sections have been added to the Landing Page setup providing a variety of options to add video to your Landing Page
    • Embed the video right into your Landing Page and link to Vimeo or YouTube to view
  • Transformed Client User Interface for Virtual Deal Room:
    • Modern, intuitive look and feel
    • Easy to use search and advanced search bar
    • Wider navigation window so users can easily see folder and file names without scrolling
  • inSIGHT enhancements:
    • Ability to identify specific fields as required company wide
    • Company Scorecard now links to property snapshot or executive summary for all projects listed allowing users to easily toggle back and forth
    • Company Scorecard now lists all projects for each Company
    • Enhanced dashboard feature provides more detailed information on calculations
  • Deal Center now allows users to select all deals currently displayed and perform bulk actions to improve user experience
  • Improved user experience throughout the RCM platform with updated technology that provides better functionality and increased speed

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