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Registered investors on the LightBox RCM platform can upgrade to Deal Center Premium to unlock powerful research and reporting tools that accelerate deal making.



Analyze deals with unbiased research
Access powerful data and analytics and conduct your own research on targeted assets and financing trends nationwide.

Discover new opportunities
Research market conditions, examine property inventories, test new strategies, and validate existing initiatives on the fly.

Visualize sites with interactive maps
Analyze any market at the parcel level with powerful mapping and geolocation tools including hazard zones, traffic counts, drive times, and more.

Uncover ownership and transaction history
Gain instant access to ownership details for any parcel, and view automated portfolio rollups including transaction history, property reports, tax maps, demographic data, and financing history.

Generate comprehensive reports
Leverage actionable insights with extensive property detail reports and compelling data visualizations for any site nationwide.



Streamline the process of buying commercial real estate by ensuring that you can:


  • Source relevant deals based on your criteria
  • Organize underwriting and due diligence materials
  • Understand your properties using location analytics and mapping technology
  • Evaluate more deals with higher-quality outcomes

Location Analytics

Industry-leading location analytics and mapping technology allows you to quickly see and understand large data sets using compelling visualizations.


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