Commercial Real Estate Buyer Database

Reach Qualified Decision Makers for Every Asset Type Within Every Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Market

Seasoned brokers know that a well-maintained database of active investors increases buyer participation, results in more offers, and ensures maximum pricing. The accuracy of your contact list is the most critical component to the success of your business. However, with roughly a quarter of your commercial real estate database becoming obsolete each year, keeping your list (and your business) healthy and active presents a challenge.

Target Qualified Buyers with RCM’s Commercial Real Estate Database

Clean and accurate investor data is at the heart of what sets RCM apart. Quickly target the most relevant pool of serious investors based on dozens of different acquisition parameters. Say goodbye to non-responsive investors and hello to the industry’s most active community of qualified real estate buyers—the RCM Qualified Principal Database.

Developed over 19 years, RCM’s Commercial Real Estate Database of qualified buyers is maintained daily by our in-house Research team. Our dedicated researchers use a strict screening process that ensures accuracy and guarantees that only qualified investors are included.

Selling a commercial property or loan? Contact RCM to learn how you can attract better leads, receive more offers, and maximize sales potential in less time.

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