Online Commercial Real Estate Auctions

Streamline Due Diligence & Close With Certainty

Exclusively Commercial
Exceptionally Efficient

Real Capital Markets’ online auction solution, RCM Accelerated, was developed with the busy commercial real estate acquisitions professional in mind. Far more than a typical online bidding platform, RCM Accelerated seamlessly integrates with our entire ecosystem of buyer solutions for an exceptionally efficient and secure online auction experience. Easily source, quickly evaluate, and confidently bid on commercial property, bank REO, and loans that support your unique investment strategy.

Accelerate your capacity to analyze more deals and achieve better results in less time. From pinpointing actionable opportunities to streamlining the due diligence process to managing document submissions and bidding, RCM Accelerated enhances efficiencies and shortens time lines — results that go straight to the bottom line.

Whether you’re underwriting billions monthly or a private buyer with a niche focus, RCM Accelerated delivers:

  • An exclusively commercial online auction experience
  • Access to confidential property, bank REO, and loan opportunities that solely match your investment parameters
  • Streamlined execution at every stage of the deal – from deal sourcing and due diligence to bidding and closing
  • Certainty of close


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