Cancellation Policy

Only written cancellation and/or modification notices will be accepted. To cancel service, Clients must send written notice to the RCM Accounting Department at accounting at If a Client decides to cancel any of the Services, for any reason, the Client will be responsible for Cancellation Fees to RCM.

Upon the receipt of a Client’s cancellation notice, RCM will bill the Client based on the published Cancellation Fee Schedule set forth below. Furthermore, if a Client decides to terminate its contract with RCM before all of the Services are performed, the Client will be obligated to pay a Cancellation Fee on all services delivered and all services performed by RCM but not yet delivered. RCM determines the cancellation fee by calculating the price of the services delivered using the published price for such services in the signed Service Agreement.

In addition, RCM will determine, and the Client will be liable for payment of, a Cancellation Fee (determined in accordance with the Cancellation Fee Schedule set forth below) for all undelivered services that were intended by RCM to be delivered within 30 days from the cancellation date. All prior payments received by RCM from the Client will be applied against the Cancellation Fee to determine the final balance, if any, due to RCM. The final balance due is payable under our normal terms of payment. If the invoice is overdue, the amount will be due and payable immediately and subject to late charges as provided herein.

Cancellation Fee Schedule for Teaser and Package Services

Cancellation Fee Schedule for Stand Alone Virtual Deal Room