Email Marketing Best Practices

Email is an extremely powerful and effective marketing technique when done correctly. These best practices will allow your organization to create better emails and maximize RCM’s email marketing platform.

Use Short Subject Lines
Subject lines determine whether your email is deleted, read, or saved for later. Your subject line is competing with lots of other emails, tweets, and posts. So use 20 to 50 characters whenever possible.

Keep It Brief
Good email marketing is succinct and offers valuable content. Don’t wait until the fifth paragraph to provide the link or call to action – you could lose your audience. Remember that smartphone users may only see a few lines when reading email on their mobile device.

Include Text At The Top
Images have a place in email, but don’t force your customer to click on “view image” or scroll through the email. The initial copy should be informative and interesting.

Do Not Use CAPITAL LETTERS Unnecessarily
Not only is this considered unprofessional and difficult to read, but SPAM filters may send your message to the Junk folder.

Check For Misspellings
Spammers often misspell words to get past filters.

Limit Or Avoid Common Spam Words

Free Cash Bonus Amazing
% Off Buy Direct Discounted

Don’t Use Excessive Punctuation
You may be excited about a new deal, but avoid !!! ??? and $$$

Make Links and Buttons Obvious
Don’t make people search your email for links to the brochure or confidentiality agreement.

Send When Recipients Are Available
In most cases, the best time to send business-related emails is Tuesday through Thursday at either the start of the business day or just after lunch.

Use “Clean” Email Templates
It is important to make sure that your email doesn’t contain extraneous HTML code. Use one of our default templates, have your in-house team create a clean version, or engage RCM’s custom design services.

We hope you benefit from these practices and incorporate them into future email campaigns. Please contact us at
(888)-440-RCM1 if you have any questions.