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What is RCM?

Real Capital Markets is an online commercial real estate sales and marketing platform. We enhance efficiency, elevate execution, and emphasize exposure through a combination of reliable tools and the industry’s most active community of qualified buyers.

What is RCM’s Marketplace?

Marketplace is RCM’s public database of available opportunities listed by our investment sales network. It’s composed of thousands of real-time CRE listings, bank REO, and note sales available via auction and traditional sealed-bid formats.

Register to receive confidential offerings before they’re listed on Marketplace.

A mobile version of the Marketplace is also available for iOS and Android.

How does RCM work for buyers?

RCM provides confidential Qualified Deal Flow that matches your unique investment criteria.

Our suite of online solutions help you:

  • Consolidate opportunities and corresponding documents in a single online dashboard
  • Securely store & share confidential commercial real estate documents
  • Purchase assets in both online auction and traditional sealed-bid formats
Where Does RCM’s Deal Flow Come From?

RCM has national contracts to distribute property offerings for most major brokerage companies and many boutique firms. We are also hired by a number of financial institutions, private firms, and property owners to help market the disposition of their assets.

How Do I Start Receiving Qualified Deal Flow?

Register your account and a RCM Research professional will contact you to verify your investment history. Once your Qualified Principal profile is active in our system, you simply need to identify your investment criteria to begin receiving deal flow that matches your criteria.

What is an RCM Qualified Principal?

An RCM Qualified Principal is someone who we have verified as having bought, sold, or owns commercial real estate.

How Do I Become a Qualified Principal?

RCM must verify that either you or your employer has bought, sold, or owns commercial real estate. In many cases we can do this by researching your company or finding your name in public records – otherwise we require that you fill out our Principal Qualification Form.

How Do I Update My Investment Criteria?

If you have an existing profile in our system, you can update your criteria by logging in and clicking on your name. Next, select the “Property Criteria Tab” and update your investment criteria. If you do not have a profile, you can Register on our website.

How Does RCM Work for Sellers?

RCM’s tools work together to form a complete solution. From property marketing to due diligence to close, RCM brings your entire investment sales and marketing process together in an easy to use platform. Confidently source qualified buyers & streamline the entire investment sales process online.

How Much Does it Cost to Use RCM?

It depends on your needs. Expand your deal management capabilities one solution at a time, or leverage the entire all-in-one toolset to fluently market, manage and close your listing. Contact our helpful sales team to identify package and pricing details that suite your unique listing.