National Investor Sentiment Report February 2020

RCM/LightBox is pleased to share the latest in our series of sentiment reports – the National Investor Sentiment Report. Now featuring insights from the Lender, Broker & Investment Community.


  • Lenders are taking a more conservative look at property values, loan-to-value ratios (LTVs), and other underwriting factors, to hedge against a slowdown.
  • Multifamily and industrial properties will continue to dominate, with further investment targeting vibrant markets experiencing population and business growth.
  • E-commerce activity will heighten in markets with 2 million or more residents and spur development and investment tied to last mile delivery, food products, and general consumer goods.
  • The presidential election will create a pause around mid-year as investors take a wait and see attitude and hold onto capital.

Overall, the report findings indicate there continues to be significant optimism in commercial real estate. Some aspects of the optimism are balanced out by carefully watching various economic and geopolitical factors.