Virtual Deal Rooms®

Securely Share Confidential Underwriting and Due Diligence Documents with Prospective Buyers & Consultants

Simplify and Accelerate Your Due Diligence Process

Deals can be complicated. Your war room shouldn’t be. In today’s investment sales environment, a secure, efficient virtual data room capable of supporting the entire sale process is no longer optional—it’s critical. Your clients and prospective buyers expect information on-demand, any time, and anywhere.

Designed by commercial real estate professionals for commercial real estate professionals, the RCM Virtual Deal Room is the most intuitive, secure, and cost-effective solution for accessing and sharing underwriting and due diligence materials. Full-coverage tracking and reporting provides a clear view of who, when, where, and how prospective buyers interact with your documents. Quickly measure interest, identify serious investors, and manage momentum, while maintaining important security
and auditability features.

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