The Latest on Technology Driving the CRE Market

Anyone who remembers the old disposition war rooms can attest to the inefficiency of all those mounds of papers, scurrying people and chaos that ensued. Print this. Get me three copies of that. Sign these ten forms. Rush the package to the client.

Flash forward to today and the CRE landscape is much easier to navigate, thanks to technology!

As speed to market continues to drive the CRE investment market, it’s important to tap into the right platforms that can get the deal done. Here’s a look at the key technological advances that are driving the investment market, including the much preferred– online war room!

Among the key advances are:

  • Searchable online property marketplaces – critical for tracking inventories across the globe.
  • Global online virtual platforms – with technology to connect buyers and sellers, and their representatives, to CRE.
  • Online war rooms – house the essential documents for performing due diligence, making intelligent acquisition decisions and moving through the overall process.
  • Electronic property management solutions – track, allocate and invoice building operating expenses to tenants in a single building and in portfolios across the country.
  • Smart building technologies – monitor water and energy usage to potentially reduce the costs associated with those expenses.
  • Online capital/finance sourcing platforms – allow everyone involved in the investment cycle to find the most productive and cost effective way to acquire, dispose, finance and capitalize CRE.

Here are common benefits that link most of these technological advances, including:

  • Speed and efficiency  with a few short keystrokes, what used to take weeks can be completed quickly and seamlessly—marketing a property, sourcing development, construction and acquiring capital.
  • Transparency –Technology makes it much easier for clients to maintain compliance directives, including accessing reports, gauging significant benchmarks and performance indicators and securely sharing them throughout an organization.
  • Cost effectiveness – it’s no surprise that technology is much more cost effective than having multiple employees laboring over massive reports. It also eliminates redundancies and the chance for human error.
  • Increased marketing exposure – technology allows for efficient and increased, yet targeted, outreach to key prospects.

Wondering how to get started? Reach out today to find out how to leverage technology that streamlines the entire investment sales process – online.

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