RCM Team Snapshot: Todd Arone, Director of Research

Early morning is a busy time at RCM, as the research staff begins its daily routine of responding to email deliverability questions that developed over night, which may include personally reaching out to major corporations and ensuring emails sent through RCM are whitelisted and/or added to safe sender lists. The research team is constantly working the computers and phones to add new and update existing investor information to our growing database. Is this investor still buying multi-family in Phoenix? What are the geographic preferences for another investor in New York?

This intense vetting, editing and updating process is crucial—the accuracy of our database is one of the things that sets RCM apart. Clients can rest assured knowing their listings are reaching the right investors, resulting in more offers and faster closings.

This buzz of activity is overseen by Todd Arone, RCM’s Director of Research, who manages the research that drives the RCM database of 60,000-plus qualified and fully-vetted principals. Todd is a 12-year company veteran who brings a strong analytical, detail-oriented mind and a natural curiosity to his role overseeing research and database management. With beginnings in commercial real estate ownership and property management, Todd gravitated to the industry, so much that when the opportunity arose to join RCM and its growing CRE technology platform, it was an easy decision.

Since joining the company he has been instrumental in boosting the database of qualified principals from 18,000 to 60,000. Clients are now completing over 10,000 transactions a year, each averaging $25 million in value, through the RCM platform. These span a wide range of geographic markets and product types, from large institutional investors with $30 billion in yearly trades to smaller investors that trade $5 to $25 million a year.

The focus on database management also supports RCM’s client email marketing platform, which sends out nearly 3 million emails a week with a 99% deliverability rate (significantly higher than the industry average). This is achieved through a concerted effort to keep lists current and ensure emails are on “safe sender” lists across the various servers. Any bounce issues with servers are dealt with quickly on behalf of our clients, ensuring the smooth delivery of emails.

Among the key accomplishments of Todd’s tenure at RCM is the expansion of the Deal Center platform that allows investors to sort, analyze and manage investment opportunities in an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Deal Center was the result of months of planning and listening to clients about how best to help them organize and manage deal flow. The dashboard allows buyers to more quickly and efficiently navigate listings, eliminating the constant struggle of overflowing inboxes.

While RCM is known for its innovative technology, the firm has also invested considerable time and energy into finding the right human capital to support its technology. The focus on hiring for the long-term is evidenced by a team player mentality, with a strong focus on customer service and passion for innovation. This approach has helped create an environment with limited turnover, and Todd agrees that being surrounded by like-minded coworkers is one of the most rewarding parts of his job. So, what does the hard-working and dedicated Director of Research do in his downtime? Todd is a voracious reader, shifting from business and finance topics to behavioral science, philosophy, and a good amount of science fiction when time permits. When not at work, Todd enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities with his wife and two young sons.

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