Real Capital Markets Expands Deal Center Technology Platform

Allows Commercial Real Estate Buyers to Better Source & Manage Investment Deal Flow

Carlsbad, Cal. — Real Capital Markets (RCM) announced today an expansion of its Deal Center technology platform that connects tens of thousands of investors with hundreds of new commercial real estate investment opportunities each week.

Real Capital Markets’ Deal Center, an upgrade of the firm’s qualified deal flow platform, consolidates and organizes investment property and commercial note opportunities and corresponding documents into a single online dashboard. This allows buyers to more quickly and efficiently navigate Real Capital Markets’ vast database of commercial properties, review investment documents, execute confidentiality agreements and communicate with brokers.

RCM is the premier global, online marketplace—a technology-based, virtual platform—for buying and selling commercial real estate, including office, retail, hotel, multifamily, industrial, self-storage, land, etc.. Since its inception, the firm has executed more than 43,000 assignments with total consideration in excess of $1.6 trillion. Approximately 40 percent of all transactions in the United States over $10 million are brought to market using RCM’s online marketplace.

“Precision deal sourcing is one of the most critical steps toward achieving superior investment returns,” Tina Lichens, chief operating officer with RCM, said. “Deal Center enhancements not only ensure that investors receive the opportunities sent to them, but also allow investors to more efficiently work through the acquisition process, closely tracking, sorting and managing the thousands of listings that flow through out technology platform. These changes augment the email process and help avoid the email overload that we have all experienced in today’s technology-focused business climate.”

According to Lichens, the enhancements to Deal Center are designed to better source and organize deal flow and streamline the acquisition process. Due to the robust deal matching technology used by Real Capital Markets, buyers might receive a potential deal flow of 50 to 200 property emails weekly, depending on their investment criteria.

Deal Center also provides buyers and sellers alike with the reassurance that opportunities won’t “get lost in the mail” or blocked because of spam filters.

“Principals like our products because it gives them greater control over the opportunities they can evaluate and then determine how they plan to pursue,” Lichens said. “Deal Center assures principals that they won’t miss out on a deal because it was buried in their inbox or ended up in a spam filter for one reason or another.”

Lichens noted that with Deal Center, new offerings, already vetted through each investor’s individual investment criteria—type, location and size of property or commercial note, among other classifications—appear on a personal dashboard. This ensures opportunities are received, saves valuable time, organizes the volume of deal flow and improves the overall efficiency of the buying and selling process. With Deal Center, easy deal filtration gives real-time insight into every opportunity anytime, anywhere.

Among the key features of Deal Center are:

  • Targeted and relevant deal sourcing based on each investor’s criteria
  • Quick access to thousands of properties for sale in the office, retail, multi-family, industrial and various other sectors.
  • An efficient and easy-to-use dashboard that sorts, tracks and manages data flow.


About Real Capital Markets

Founded in 1999, Real Capital Markets (RCM) is the global marketplace for buying and selling commercial real estate. RCM’s solutions streamline the entire commercial real estate sales and marketing process for buyers, sellers, and brokers. From property marketing and due diligence, to bidding and closing, RCM increases the speed, exposure, and security of property and notes sales.

To date, the Company has executed approximately 43,000 assignments with total consideration in excess of $1.6 trillion. Over 40% of all U.S. commercial assets sold, over $10 million, are brought to market using Real Capital Markets’ online marketplace.

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