Real Capital Markets Introduces RCM inSIGHT Business Intelligence Platform for CRE Owners

Online Platform Enhances Transparency and Portfolio Performance

Carlsbad, Cal. — Real Capital Markets (RCM) has introduced RCM inSIGHT for CRE owners (, the commercial real estate industry’s first end-to-end business intelligence platform that allows principals to capture, consolidate and organize critical portfolio and capital markets information while streamlining reporting and analysis throughout the investment sale lifecycle.

The enterprise-level platform integrates with RCM’s industry-leading marketing and transaction management solutions to form an online bridge between disposition teams, third-party investment sales brokers, and buyers. The technology aggregates the disparate data created in today’s CRE environment into a centralized portfolio intelligence hub that provides owners and investors with meaningful real-time insights to better understand and improve portfolio performance, spur demand, optimize profitability and increase liquidity.

The technology is especially beneficial for REITs, national and regional investment and management firms as well as institutional owners seeking to unify workflows, aggregate data, create operational efficiencies, increase transparencies, and optimize reporting and performance tracking.

According to Steve Shanahan, Executive Managing Director of Real Capital Markets, “RCM inSIGHT is the continued evolution of RCM’s enterprise-level products and services that are designed to increase exposure, enhance reporting and communication, drive profitability, and shorten timelines every step of the way. With RCM inSIGHT, principals and ownership entities not only have access to a single networked view of their entire portfolio, but they can see exactly what stage of ownership lifecycle each asset is in.”

RCM inSIGHT also provides sellers real-time access to their third party broker’s sales and marketing activity, where they can view the potential buyers who have expressed interest in their properties – including who has accessed due diligence, toured the asset, and placed bids. “This new technology allows business leaders to see the depth of their organization’s investment sales activity, identify key trends and make informed decisions to better manage their assets as they work through the disposition process,” Shanahan said.

Among the key features of RCM inSIGHT:

  • Detailed portfolio reporting—access to real-time analytics such as cap rates, market prices (asking/forecast prices), and sale prices by asset, by geography and by asset class.
  • Access to each stage in the sales cycle—from managing the broker opinion of value (BOV), property listing and buyer database, to contract negotiation and sale.
  • Seamless integration with third-party CRM systems—pulling together sales, marketing, website listing information and other elements into one efficient platform.
  • Improved efficiency by automating tasks, synchronizing contact information, and eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Streamlined solution to maximize asset demand and sales proceeds and shorten timeframes.

More information, including live demonstrations, can be secured by going to or by contacting John Ahern at or 760-494-7955.


About Real Capital Markets:
Founded in 1999, Real Capital Markets (RCM) is the global marketplace for buying and selling commercial real estate. RCM’s marketing, transaction management, and business intelligence solutions streamline the entire commercial real estate sales and marketing process for buyers, sellers, and brokers. From property marketing and due diligence, to bidding and closing, RCM increases the speed, exposure, and security of property and notes sales.

To date, the Company has executed approximately 45,000 assignments with total consideration in excess of $1.7 trillion. Over 50% of all U.S. commercial assets sold, over $10 million, are brought to market using Real Capital Markets’ online marketplace annually.


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