Senior Housing Snapshot – April 2019

In March 2019, Real Capital Markets surveyed and conducted interviews with a wide range of senior housing sector professionals. The Senior Housing Snapshot is based on these responses and statistics from Real Capital Analytics and the National Investment Council for Seniors Housing & Care.


  • Investment activity is down 7.9 percent year over year for the first two months of 2019
  • Industry experts consider this slowdown necessary as demand catches up to the strong supply cycle
  • Partnering with a proven operator is the most critical operational factor 
  • REIT activity has declined significantly while private capital has remained consistent
  • Industry experts remain bullish, while noting that investors should take a long-term view as certain markets absorb oversupply

Like so many other commercial real estate sectors, senior housing has experienced unprecedented levels of development and sales activity over the last decade. Experts once characterized the senior housing sector as recession-resistant because of the underlying dynamics of the sector and market activity. While that characterization has propelled the sector, record activity levels have not been sustainable, and the senior housing market is in the midst of redefining itself.


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