What’s New in Release 2011.2

Deal Center

  • Create an area where buyers can quickly access information about available assets
  • Provide shortcuts to Executive Summaries, Agreements, and Virtual Deal Rooms
  • Allow buyers to search and filter assets

Landing Pages

  • Create a page that includes asset overview information and quick access to other asset materials
  • Alow clients to upload multiple images and display as automated gallery
  • Don’t require any third-party plugins such as Adobe Reader or Flash
  • Allow clients to upload and display company logo
  • Allow clients to quickly make changes and preview in a central location
  • Allow clients to determine which fields should be displayed
  • Allow clients to create custom fields
  • Support extended asset descriptions up to 3000 characters
  • Allow clients to customize units of measurement
  • Allow clients to set both Square Feet and Parcel Size fields
  • Allow clients to drag-and-drop map pushpin to update location

Support for International Acquisition Criteria

Streamline management of client contacts, notification rules, and administrative access

Allow clients to bulk update project information via spreadsheet

Support for Internet Explorer Version 9

Allow users to bookmark links while maintaining security


Other Enhancements and Updates

  • Allow buyers to contact clients when link has been restricted
  • Faster loading of brochures and agreements
  • Improved image quality for email images
  • Eliminate caching of old javascript files
  • Updated plugin detection when requesting technical support
  • Updated HTML Editor for Online Offers
  • Improved calculation of VDR folder sizes
  • Better protection when resetting projects
  • Update Activity Report to sort newest to oldest
  • Allows buyer criteria to be imported with property class information
  • Update confidentiality agreement legal acknowledgement
  • Include all security groups when exporting Document Security Report
  • Allow users to download multiple files that include weblinks
  • Restrict Document Alert links when client is using Link Restriction service
  • Ability to unbold text in Online Offer instructions
  • Ability to add bulleted lists in Online Offer instructions
  • Only send Decline Notices to appropriate contacts
  • Show when teaser files were last updated
  • Allow buyers to upload Buyer Qualification documents
  • Allow clients to link listing to Landing Page, Brochure, Teaser, or Agreement
  • Provide clients with analytic reports showing Listing Engine usage
  • Simplify process to manage which contacts are displayed on listing
  • Display user’s Industry Role in Agreements Report
  • Remove support for RCM1 Edge in favor of Deal Center
  • Include Buyer Qualification activity when Activity Report is exported
  • Allow images to be uploaded from HTML Editor in VDR Templates
  • Correctly handle project name’s containing ampersands in Final Approval Form
  • Don’t automatically prepend “https” in front of Online Offers fields
  • Allow clients to change security for Pending Approval users