What’s New in Release 2020.7

Version 2020.7 was released on November 12, 2020. New functionality includes:

  • Enhanced Debt Product Leveraging Investment Sale Content
    • Added permission-based ability for users to leverage property details, Virtual Deal Room files, and more from an Investment Sale Project to create a new Debt Project
    • Users can also select new contacts to manage the new Debt Project
    • Enables users to streamline the finance process, leveraging existing resources to proceed to financing quickly
  • New Simple Landing Page Template
    • Created an easily customizable Simple Landing Page template to showcase a curated set of project details in a print-friendly format
    • Users can customize logos, property descriptions, and photos, and add social media links, a brochure, and a Google Translate link
    • Additional project information is pulled into the Simple Landing Page template via the display settings on the Overview Details page