What’s New in Release 2013.2

Auctioneer’s Dashboard

  • Real-time dashboard to manage multiple simultaneous auctions
  • All relevant auction data for an entire portfolio in one location
  • Status field automatically updates to reflect current auction progress
  • Inline editing of Reserve and Bid Increment fields
  • Quick access to full bid history for each auction
  • Quick access to high bidder details
  • Option for auctioneer to acknowledge bids
  • Color indication of reserve and approval limit percentages
  • Support for simultaneous activity from multiple administrators

Simple Auction Administration

  • Fully customizable bidder requirements including credit card deposits
  • Soft approval limits for individual buyers based on their provided Proof of Funds
  • Email notifications when bidders have submitted deposits
  • Approve bidders directly from Auction Report

Online Auctions

  • Inline bidding directly from auction Listing Engines™
  • Clear indication of reserve status for each auction
  • Show which auctions you have bid on and are approved to bid

Inline Engines

  • Mobile-friendly listing engines
  • Customizable paging controls and listings per page


Other Enhancements and Updates

  • Require clients to send follow-up email with link to Virtual Deal Room™ to approved users
  • Send emails with links to Virtual Deal Room through dedicated MTA pool
  • Add new Virtual Deal Room™ email addresses as From options in email templates
  • Pre-fill address information with company address when buyers execute Agreements
  • Update bounce categories to match industry best practices
  • Allow clients to change buyer email addresses
  • Option to include incomplete auctions to an auction engine
  • Include old and new name in project name change notification
  • Always display listing summary infobox about contact form on listing engine map view
  • Include buyer’s state on executed Agreements
  • Automatically optimize brochures and agreement files to improve load times
  • Require clients to upload a PDF when enabling Brochure service
  • Improve platform performance by reducing size of database
  • Simplify session management code
  • Update domain registration process to include terms of service requirement
  • Replace DOCALERT tags with VDR link if not sending as a Document Alert
  • Allow direct access to brochures from mobile apps
  • Use link type from template project when creating project via project import
  • Remove Java check from technical support requests
  • Display Account Managers’ names as First Last
  • Show buyer’s state in executed agreements
  • Allow emails to be sent to all users who have submitted offers
  • Warn users if Additional Criteria exceeds maximum limit
  • Allow users to move files from Trash into empty VDR
  • Don’t show deleted security groups in Agreements Report
  • Hide brochure when viewing image gallery or contacting support in IE8 and IE10
  • Include Loan Types criteria when copying users
  • Support for auction bids over $2B
  • Maintain dashboard position while checking for auction updates
  • Clean up orphaned and empty phone numbers in database
  • Don’t allow projects to be added to expired Listing Engines
  • Ensure projects are removed from correct engine if on multiple engines
  • Better error message when users are unable to create new folders