What’s New in Release 2022.6

Version 2022.6 was released on December 15, 2022. 

What’s New in Release 22.6


  • Debt & Equity Brokers Can Now Access Qualified Lender Database

    • To reach Lenders quickly and close debt and financing deals faster by leveraging LightBox RCM’s database.

  • Web Creation Process of Modern Landing Page is Simplified & More Social Channels are Added

    • Buyers will be provided a more consistent deal viewing experience. Simply click & copy a previously-created landing page in two clicks!

    • Brokers can include links to additional social media channels (YouTube and Instagram).

  • Additional Marketing Capabilities within Projects

    • Brokers can showcase company presence (branding & logo) with a branded banner on the Quick Quotes submission pages.

    • Enterprise customers with updated listing engines can easily request customized experience for their Brokers. Talk to your account representative for more information.

  • Optimized API Performance for Faster Data Returns

    • API customers can request specific data in each call. Refer to the latest API documentation for more information.

  • Other Product Enhancements

    • Updates geared towards enhancing customer support services and simplifying product usage.

    • This release also includes an array of security and performance updates for faster, more secure usage.

What’s Fixed in 22.6

  • A bug that was causing inconsistent behavior with some standard email operations is fixed.