What’s New in Release 2021.2

Release Notes:

Version 2021.2 was released on June 10th, 2021. New functionality includes:

New Administrative Features

  • Administrators can now submit quotes on behalf of a Lender
  • Administrators can now upload profile images on behalf of a Broker

Modern Landing Pages & Elevated Buyer Experiences

  • Profile images can be displayed on landing pages for added personalization
  • Column widths are adjustable on landing pages with flexible formatting
  • Preferred language selection is consistent throughout the platform requiring fewer clicks
  • Unified translation service includes 23 languages in 140 countries
  • Buyer forms display error messages inline for precision and accuracy
  • International phone numbers are easily added to user profiles without formatting restrictions
  • The look and feel of toolbars, help screens, and footers are optimized for clarity and brand recognition