What’s New in Release 2023.4

Version 2023.4 was released on August 29, 2023. 

What’s New in Release 23.4


  • Redesigned dashboard in reports to showcase marketing performance at a glance
    • Restyled dashboard highlights key performance indicators (KPIs)

    • View email performance and activity overview with key metric (no. of viewed email, approved users etc.)

    • Quickly identify deal engagement by user role/type (principals, brokers etc.) with an interactive chart.

  • Enhanced Activity Report provides campaign-level insights

    • Use newly redesigned page to stay on top of project performance at a glance

    • Easily view source and campaign level attribution and optimize marketing spend

    • API Customers can retrieve user activity source and enrich CRM reporting

  • Newly-added submarkets for New York City including: Manhattan, Boroughs & Long Island

    • Brokers can list and market specific projects in these expanded areas for higher investor activity.

    • Brokers can target qualified investors interested in acquiring properties in these locations.

    • Buyers can receive deal alerts and notifications for all three submarkets

  • New asset subtypes available under Land and Industrial (including Life Sciences)

    • Brokers can widen buyer reach and attract investors interested in more specific types of assets.

    • Investors can update acquisition criteria to include new asset types.

  • Deal Center subscribers can expand their deal flow
    • Premium members can access unlimited deals

    • Access My Deals and RCM Marketplace deals in Deal Center

    • Streamline and access deal documents

  • Indicate involvment within a CA 1031 Exchange transaction
    • Brokers can add an option to gather 1031 Exchange from buyers.

    • Buyers can click the checkbox while executing CAs and express 1031 Exchange interest. API customers will also receive this info via API.

  • Other Product Enhancements
    • Project and client administration updates

    • Optimization of project load time

    • Pop-up notification enabled while importing users

    • Additional team reporting available from Client Services by company/team volumes – track and monitor performance against an estimated volume.

What’s Fixed

  • A bug that was causing an issue with the layers in Deal Center. Users have the option to select and see which deals fall under any specific opportunity zone.