What’s New in Release 2011.4

VDR Templates

  • Allow clients to customize and update their own Virtual Deal Room templates
  • Option to revert template to default layout
  • Include color picker for selecting custom background colors
  • Include instructions on best practices for customization

Email Templates

  • Use separate Reply To field so responses are directed to different account
  • Improve email deliverability by avoiding SPF-related filters
  • Automatically convert links so emails can be sent through corporate email servers
  • Reduce formatting issues when pasting content from MS Word

New Marketing site with updated content and intuitive navigation

Communication Console

  • Display full history for each user, not just broadcast history
  • Create new progress for “Viewed Email” in Communication Console

Landing Pages

  • Allow Descriptions to include formatting, bulletted lists, tables, and links


Other Enhancements and Updates

  • Improve security by hashing all passwords
  • Update VDR Last Updated timestamp whenever folder contents are updated
  • Don’t copy notification settings when copying projects
  • Delete legacy client followup questionanaire
  • Copy user’s team when copying users
  • Update chart images when switching between projects in IE9
  • Use pacific time when displaying scheduled broadcasts
  • Move “do not reply” message to top of automated messages
  • Simplify instructions to upload teaser files and images
  • Allow clients to reply directly to expiration notices
  • Indicate record ownership in Bounce Tracker export
  • Update SSL certificate for RCM1 Multi-File Upload Utility
  • Send decline notifications to RCM1 Research team if no contacts available
  • Allow clients to set link type when bulk importing or updating projects
  • Support for flexible user import column names when bulk importing or updating users
  • Create separate service option for landing page-only projects
  • Avoid overlapping pushpins on listing engine maps
  • Display correct error message if users attempt to upload more than 500MB at one time
  • Allow clients to send email by double clicking on individual templates
  • Automatically zoom listing engine maps when users click on pushpin
  • Display broadcast time on mouseover in Scheduled Broadcasts screen
  • Truncate long project names on Scheduled Broadcasts screen
  • Show Schedule Broadcast times in Pacific Time
  • Remove extra space in new Teaser Requirements tabs
  • Add RCM employees to list of potential Doc Alert recipients
  • Allow projects to be copied from Email Templates screen
  • Make sure Email Templates error messages are visible
  • Convert unicode characters to ASCII in email subject lines
  • Update Project Notes functionality
  • Allow My Projects to be exported when projects have more than 1000 contacts
  • Prevent Marketing projects from being created unless associated with RCM1 Corporate office
  • Open Landing page links
  • Option to search projects for multiple asset types
  • Remove test user from scheduled broadcast results
  • Open Tech Support window directly from error message pages
  • Allow export of Communication Console guestlists with more than 65,000 users
  • Include option to send email after approving auction bidder
  • Rename “RCM1 Employees” to “Administrators”