What’s New in Release 2012.3

International Support

  • Create projects with non-English characters in names, addresses, and other fields
  • Design executive summaries using Mandarin, Japanese, and other foreign languages
  • Allow foreign buyers to execute confidentiality agreements using their native company names

Improved Online Auctions

  • New intuitive design for online auctions
  • Real-time bid history and reporting
  • Integrated click to chat functionality for one-on-one conversations
  • Support for a greater number of custom auction documents
  • Option to require an emailed bid code for added security

Other Major Enhancements

  • Clients now receive automatic snapshots of project activity  at important milestones
  • Option to require username and password when accessing Virtual Deal Room for added security
  • Faster emailing from Broadcast tab


Other Enhancements and Updates

  • Add new “Submitted Offer” status for buyers who submit an online offer
  • Display all non-declined listings that buyers receive in their Deal Centers
  • Ability to remove previously uploaded agreements that were executed offline
  • Show Group Security settings on Schedule Broadcast screen
  • Use consistent language for Group Security functionality
  • Warn users when attempting to import projects with old column names
  • Show clients list of email addresses that have been suppressed to improve message deliverability
  • Prompt user to save if changes made on Administrative tab
  • Display all possible cities in Listings Engine™ filter if set to display
  • Include user notes in Excel export from Broadcast tab
  • Streamline decline process and prompt buyers for explanation
  • Ability to bulk update client records when names and companies need to be changed
  • Allow clients to flag imported users for later reference
  • Combine decline and expiration process
  • Option to create a unified bounce report covering all email campaigns
  • Create new “Healthcare” asset type with “Assisted Living”, “Hospital”, and “Medical Office” sub-types
  • Option to include criteria and phone numbers when copying users
  • Allow Administrators to remove “View in browser” link from email campaigns
  • Improve deliverability of default email templates
  • When users are approved, don’t mark them as having viewed and executed the agreement unless they took those steps
  • Improve email deliverability for client marketing campaigns
  • Notify clients when a custom domain has been successfully registered
  • Simplify Login page layout
  • Update test process to use the “Allow buyers to access” option
  • Use client’s managing team when clients create their own projects
  • Send custom teaser requirement notices from Account Manager