What’s New in Release 2014.5


  • Clients can see the number of people that interact with their property listing(s) on a global map and funnel chart in the reporting dashboard
  • Clients can now download all executed agreements in a single request directly from Agreements report
  • Auction and offer charts can now be viewed from the individual report tab
  • Activity Report now shows the initial broadcast date and time instead of the clock started time
  • Clients can choose to see “RCM Engine” activity in the Activity report
  • Clients are able to hide and show columns in reports


  • Expanded MSAs and country list enabling Clients to be more specific on their MSAs

Landing Page

  • Clients can now change the language of landing pages
  • Clients can copy the Landing Page from previous projects
  • Clients can upload secondary files for landing pages in addition to teasers

Other Enhancements and Updates

  • When copying over a project, clients can simply click “Copy” without having to select “template project”
  • When clients mark a project as sold, you can now enter information about the buyer. If the project was an auction, buyer information will be pre-populated from the high bidder
  • Clients can see the start date of a project (date and time) on the Services page
  • When sending an email from the broadcast tab, clients will be warned if recipients will be auto-approved
  • Updated the footer on all broadcast emails
  • Clients can see the executed agreement information in the email
  • Clients will be reminded 14 and 4 days from when the expiration date will be which can be seen in the administration tab
  • If a client decides to put a project on hold, client must use the “Hold Project” notes to explain why
  • Clients can now mark users as declined users
  • Simplified user notes; Only the user who creates a user note can now edit it
  • The listing engine country filter now supports multiple addresses for clients that have one or more properties
  • Clients can see which bidders are logged in and viewing either auction details or my auctions
  • Clients are not able to reject the high bid from the Auction Report; it can only be done in Portfolio Dashboard
  • Delayed Stalking Horse bids are now placed with 2 seconds remaining, instead of 3 seconds in our auction platform
  • Included subject to verbiage in the auction complete email if the project did not meet reserve and was marked as subject to
  • For Custom Teasers, the “Upload Images” button now says “Teaser Images