What’s New in Release 2017.1


  • Consolidated views to easily compare available and sold assets
  • Consistent Search/Filter Bar across the entire business intelligence platform
    • Search and filter in one view and those search results will be carried over throughout the platform
  • Created Company Scorecard to show specific Company assets bought, sold, offered and other relevant activity
  • Updated Snapshot Page to a more user-friendly layout
    • Added a mobile-friendly view 
    • Added additional financial information (asking price, NOI, Cap Rate, PSF)
  • Update Overview Details page to provide better user experience
    • Provide groupings for specific categories
    • Additional fields have been added (Assessor Parcel Number and Year Renovated)
    • Estimated financials now include asking price, estimated NOI, and estimated cap rate (automatically calculated)
    • Actual financials now include sale price, sale NOI, and sale cap rate (automatically calculated)

Deal Center

  • Updated email notifications for improved consistency


  • Added regional support for Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands
    • Buyers can choose more granular investment preferences
    • Buyers can get notifications for properties that are more specific to their buying criteria
    • Brokers gain access to more qualified buyers
  • Customized language used to be more regionally specific (i.e., cinema instead of movie theater)

Other Enhancements and Updates

  • Enhancements to the Broadcast Page provides a modern, more intuitive user interface
    • Allows for easier navigation
    • Improved mobile functionality
  • Shifted the focus to modern browser support to ensure a streamlined user experience
    • Discontinued support for IE9 users