What’s New in Release 2024.2

Version 2024.2 was released on April 4, 2024.

What’s New in Release 24.2


  • Accelerated Email Scheduling
    • Easily provide additional context via a note in your broadcast request.
    • Manage your listings on LightBox RCM Marketplace and client engines when requesting a broadcast.
  • Maximized Collaboration & Easier Navigation with Landing Page Updates
    • Group and present different teams involved in the same deal for improved collaboration.
    • Enhance accessibility by adding alternative text to images. Link landing page images to related agreements and other deal materials.
  • Expanded Reporting for Comprehensive Insights
    • Include and display all contact emails on the Marketing Report.
    • Improved branding for customized reporting to your Sellers.
    • Retrieve user notes efficiently through RCM’s API.
  • Integrated Enhancements to Deal Type and Property Details
    • Facilitate and manage C-Pace deal marketing to lenders using Debt and Loan Sale projects on RCM.
    • Automatically populate property details using LightBox data.
  • Additional Product Updates
    • This release also includes an array of security and performance updates for faster, more secure usage.
    • Implemented additional changes to administrative functions to provide better support for our customers.