What’s New in Release 2015.1

User Interface

  • Modern user interface now provides quick access to sub-menu items
  • Mobile-friendly tabs and user interface conventions
  • Improve screen management displays more data without scrollbars
  • Consistent Search and Advanced Search behavior throughout platform

Seller/Buyer Management

  • Option to manually enter offers received offline
  • Ability to identify seller(s) on every deal
  • Option to select buyer from Offer report, Auction report, and when marking a project as Sold or Under Contract
  • Enter actual Cap Rate when submitting buyer information


  • Original bar charts restored for Agreement and Activity Reports
  • Option to include users with notes in the Agreements Report
  • Include “Sent Email” total on Reporting Dashboard
  • Option to remove time stamps from notes when exporting Agreements or Activity Reports

Other Enhancements and Updates

  • Project status automatically updated to Available when listing is made public
  • Project contacts are now exempt from link restriction in emails
  • Simplify process to add administrative contacts
  • Option to send Project Status summary email whenever needed
  • Offers Page now uses the same style settings as the Landing Page
  • Remind users to include at least one requirement when configuring their Online Offers form
  • Don’t include “Generic links” in the Portfolio Summary report